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O'Cull Electric provides comprehensive and reliable commercial electrician services at unbeatable prices. Our team of certified technicians can be trusted to get the job done quickly and affordably, leaving you with peace of mind knowing your electrical needs are taken care of. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that we know how to make sure your home or business is electrically safe and sound.

  • Commercial Electrical Improvements
  • Commercial Electrical Safety
  • Commercial Energy Audits
  • Electrical System Maintenance
  • Commercial Security Solutions
  • Commercial Specialty Lighting
  • Commercial Energy Savings
  • Electrical System Installations

The team of expert electricians at O'Cull Electric are ready to install and repair any commercial electrical needs you have. They understand that time is important when it comes to your business, so they do their best to get the job done quickly and efficiently. At the same time, they prioritize safety and quality - all of their work is reliable and meets code standards so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands with just one call.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should my Electrical Panels serviced?

Preventive maintenance on your electrical panels should be done at least every 3 years, but is recommended on a annual basis.

Should I have my Indoor Lights and Outlets serviced?

Yes, it is recommended to inspect and service your lights and outlets to ensure they are running optimally and maintaining the highest energy efficiency.

What's the Average Cost Savings to upgrade to Energy Efficient Lights?

For every 5 light fixtures you can save an average of $75 per year when upgrading from traditional bulbs to ENERGY STAR rated bulbs.
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