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Have you found yourself in need of an electrical contractor for a property you are responsible for managing the IT in? We specialize in working with internal and outsourced IT management teams in providing the best solutions to meet their goals and objectives.  Our Team at O'Cull Electric is prepared to help with your project. We are known for our ability to provide a comprehensive list of installation services at an affordable price, and always with professionalism. When you call us for a job, our knowledgeable team is capable of handling virtually any installation that you need.

Regardless of your situation, O'Cull Electric can help. As a leading electrician serving both commercial business and residential homeowners in the North Central Florida area, We provide a broad range of electrical services to our clients and local municipalities. With over thirty years of experience in the electrical industry, our highly trained electricians ensure that every job will be completed with the highest degree of quality and professionalism.



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Why work with O'Cull Electric for your structured cabling and electrical needs?

Our team of professionals at O'Cull Electric has been trusted by IT management teams for 15+ years to provide tailored and bulletproof solutions. With us, you can trust that we will put your project first while making your team look their best. Seeking a quality partner? Look no further than O'Cull Electric.
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